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Labadi Beach Hotel

Location: Accra, Ghana

Customer: Ashanti Goldfields & Lonrho

Construction period: 10 months from order

Comments: 100 bedrooms, 20 suites, 3 restaurants and exclusive conference and leisure facilities

 Labadi Beach Hotel, Accra, Ghana

Hotel Juanita

Location: Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Customer: Private Investor

Construction period:

Comments: 65 bedroom boutique hotel.

Hotel Juanita, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Samal Hotel

Location: Kzyl Orda, Kazakhstan

Customer: Amlon Trading

Construction period: 9 months from order

Comments: 54 bedrooms, 6 suites, extensive facilities and furnishings

Samal Hotel, Kzyl Orda, Kazakhstan

Shen Zhou Hotel

Location: Lianyungang, China

Customer: Parisco International

Construction period: 10 months from order

Comments: 100 bedrooms, extensive facilities and furnishings in local style but meeting Western standards

Shen Zhou Hotel, Lianyungang, China

Xi Hai Hotel

Location: Huang Shan, China

Customer: Sin Lie Hotels Ltd

Construction period: 6 months from order

Comments: 104 bedrooms plus later extension, fully equipped to Western standards. All materials hand-carried to site high up in the mountains

Xi Hai Hotel, Huang Shan, China

Country Inn & Suites

Location: Salto, Uruguay

Customer: Flor de Ceibo

Construction period: 8 months from order

Comments: 54 bedroom tourist hotel

Country Inn & Suites, Salto, Uruguay

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